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Dalmatian cookie dessert

Dalmatian cookie dessert

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Mix the butter, with 100 grams of powdered sugar, added little by little and with vanilla.

Mix foam and egg whites with salt and after they grow, gradually add the remaining powdered sugar.

Mix the two compositions, lightly, so as not to leave and add the flour "in the rain".

When the dough is uniform (but soft), take it with a teaspoon and put piles in the tray in which the baking paper was previously placed.

Garnish the cookies with chocolate chips and put the tray in the preheated oven for 10-12 minutes at medium temperature.

When the cookies are browned at the base, remove the tray, take the baking sheet with them and leave to cool, before peeling them with the thin blade of a knife and placing them on a plate.

Do not powder with sugar.


The butter should be removed from the fridge in time so that it is soft and easy to mix with the powdered sugar.


The egg whites are first mixed with salt to take on volume, after which the powdered sugar is gradually added.


Gently mix the two compositions and then when you add the flour, so as not to lose the air absorbed by mixing.


The composition for the cookies will be soft and airy. Therefore, take it with a teaspoon and place piles on the baking paper, at a distance, so that they do not stick together when baking (they will stretch and flatten).


Do not keep cookies too long in the oven. They should remain white and brown only at the base.


Do not powder these cookies with sugar to make visible the chocolate stains that gave them their name.

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